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                    Products and Services
                  Preparation of Project Proposal, Application Report and Feasibility
                  Market Investigation, Analysis and Prediction
                  Energy Saving & Emission Reduction and Cleaning Production Plan
                  Consultation for New Technology Promotion and Application
                    China Steel Planning Forum
                    Iron Ore Development Forum
                    China Steel Technological
                  Economy Forum
                    Energy Saving and Emission
                  Reduction Forum
                    Forum Schedule
                    China Steel Report

                    MPI Expert Report on Building Material Forum
                   MPI Expert Report on Building Material Forum
                  In January 10 2019, the Forwardlooking & High Quallity Development Building Material Forum 
                  was held in Beijing.
                  MPI President Li Xinchuang ,was invited to deliver an address to congratulate 
                  the fou...
                  10 Top news in steel industry released
                  MPI Expert Interviewed by CCTV
                  MPI expert report at Time's memeory Forum
                  MPI News
                  New platform to boost energy conservation technologies 2018-08-24
                  China Merchants Bank Securities visited MPI 2018-05-23
                  Shandong Steel GM Tao Dengkui visited MPI 2018-04-13
                  Jiangsu:Yonggang visited by MPI 2018-01-29
                  MOFCOM officials visited MPI 2018-01-15
                  Steel-iMES Syposium held 2018-01-02
                  MPI press release:Steel consumption to rise 7.7% this year 2017-12-07
                    Industrial News
                    Chinese Steel Weekly
                  New platform to boost energy conservation tec... 2018-08-24
                  Securities businessmen Seeking MPI support 2018-05-23
                  Thyssenkrupp, Tata Steel delay signing of JV;... 2018-04-25
                  Challenges and Opportunities for China's Stee... 2018-04-13
                  ArcelorMittal to spend C$70m to upgrade Quebe... 2018-01-29
                  BAOWU-ALBA to establish JV on auto recycling 2018-01-15
                  Paris:Challenges and Opportunities for Low Ca... 2017-11-22
                  Chinese Steel Weekly-20170216 2017-02-18
                  Chinese Steel Weekly-20170209 2017-02-10
                  Chinese Steel Weekly-20170202 2017-02-03
                  Chinese Steel Weekly-20170126 2017-01-27
                  Chinese Steel Weekly-20170119 2017-01-20
                  Chinese Steel Weekly-20170112 2017-01-13
                  Chinese Steel Weekly-20170105 2017-01-06
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