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                  Notice on High-end Forum of Iron Ore Development 2012

                  Dear Sir/Madame

                  Kindly please be informed that the High-end Forum of Iron Ore Development 2012, sponsored by China Metallurgical Planning and Research Institute (shortened as MPI), will be held in Beijing on December 7th to 8th, 2012.

                  Since the new century coming, the historical change was experienced by international iron ore market and exploitation of iron ore deposit. Chinese iron and steel making industry has seriously impacted by strong fluctuation of source price besides its rapid development. On the basis of this situation, the investment of iron ore resource will be treated as an important task for promotion of industry development and improvement of integrated competitive power.

                  The domestic and overseas economy experienced continuous downturn period in year 2012, while production of iron and steel making industry still kept on the higher level, which caused low profit and conflict between supply and demand. Due to continuous deterioration of steel market, situation of iron ore market was reversed with representation of weak demand, lower price and dramatic increase on investment risk. And both parties, iron and steel making enterprises and mining enterprises should reconsider the win-win development under these new changes of iron ore market.

                  Based on the situation mentioned above, MPI plans to hold the High-end Forum of Iron Ore Development with topic of Opportunity and Challenge of Win-win Development between Iron and Steel Making and Mining Enterprises. We will invite government authorities to provide guidance regarding healthy development of iron ore market and investment of ore resources on the policy level, which complies with new changes of economic situation appeared after commencement of 18th National Congress of Communist Party of China. Furthermore, experts and higher level of enterprises will be gathered to research and analyze several hotpots such as industrial development, demand variety of iron ore market, domestic minerals exploitation, challenge and risk of overseas mining investment, long-term strategically planning etc. We hope that wisdom of iron and steel making industry can be collected by this forum to solve iron ore development problems, and to help enterprises to establish proper strategy for development and operation.

                  This forum hosted by MPI prepares a chance for supply and demand parties to exchange their own information, and for iron and steel making enterprises and mining enterprises to know each other and express intention of cooperation. Moreover the excellent mining projects will be introduced in this conference with the aim of sharing of high quality resources in this industry. In virtue of discussion in this forum, we hope that the overseas mining investment can be changed into real power for development of enterprises themselves. Your esteemed party is warmly welcomed by MPI to attend this forum.

                  ⅠTime of the Forum

                  December 7th 8th, 2012, among which December 7th for registration and December 8th for forum itself.

                  Ⅱ Location of the forum

                  Beijing Xiyuan Hotel

                  Address: 1# Sanlihe, Haidian District, Beijing, China  Tel: 86-10-68313388

                  Ⅲ Topic of the forum and speakers to be invited

                  Welcome and opening addressed by

                  Mr. Zhang Changfu, vice-chairman and secretary general of China Iron & Steel Association (CISA)

                  1.    Special reports

                  1)    Analysis of Chinese Economy after Commencement of 18th National Congress of Communist Party of China

                  Speaker: Mr. Yu Bin, minister of Macro-economy Division, Development Research Center of the State Council

                  2)    Policy for Overseas Minerals Investment of Iron and Steel Making Industry

                  Speaker: Mr. Wang Jianjun, deputy director of Department of Foreign Capital and Overseas Investment, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)

                  3)    Enhancement of Standardized Management for Iron and Steel Making Industry

                  Speaker: Mr. Miao Zhimin, deputy director of Department of Raw Material, the Ministry of Industry and Information (MII)

                  4)    Financing Support for Iron Ore Overseas Investment

                  Speaker: Leadership of China Development Bank

                  5)    Exploitation and Trade of Global Iron Ore Resources

                  Speaker: Mr. Ma Jianming, senior expert of information center, Ministry of Land and Resources

                  6)    Analysis and Prediction on Domestic Iron Ore Capacity, Production and Demand in year 2013

                  Speaker: Mr. Lei Pingxi, executive vice president of Metallurgical Mines’ Association of China (MMAC)

                  7)    Price Index of Iron Ore in Chinese Market and Operation and Function of Iron Ore Transaction Platform

                  Speaker: Leadership from Beijing International Mining Exchange

                  8)    Perspective on Global Iron Ore Development with Participation of China

                  Speaker: Mr. Li Xinchuang, president of China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute (MPI)

                  9)    Market Analysis for Financial Derivatives of Iron Ore Trading

                  Speaker: Mr. Chen Wei, director of industrial products division of Dalian Commodity Exchange

                  10) Development and Cooperation Vision of Foreign Mining Companies

                  Speaker: representatives from Rio Tinto, BHP and Vale

                  2.    Introduction of Overseas Iron Ore Projects Invested by Chinese Companies

                  Introduction of Overseas Iron Ore Projects and customer service

                  Speaker: Overseas Iron Ore Investment Company

                  Department and Staff to be Invited

                  l   Leadership from National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC), and the Ministry of Industry and Information (MII)

                  l   Experts in iron and steel making industry and mining industry

                  l   Leadership from China Iron and Steel Association

                  l   Leadership from domestic large/medium-scale iron and steel making enterprises, which are in charge of planning, investment, resources, procurement etc.

                  Language for the Forum

                  Simultaneous interpretation between Chinese and English is available. 


                  1.    Payment here includes conference, documents and meal, but without hotel expenses.

                  Conference affair charge: 1,200/person

                  Note: One seat will be given for free in case you place an order for China Steel Report 2013 with more than three (3) copies.

                  2.    Kindly please clearly indicate name of attendance and “High-end Forum of Iron Ore Development” when you remit money.

                  3.    The committee will issue the receipt with detail of “conference expenses” as soon as we receive the remittance or the transfer receipt (refer to the description in application form).

                  4.    Detail information of account is as follow:

                  Name of account: China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute

                  Account number: 0200004109014467953

                  Opening bank: Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Beijing Municipal Branch, Beijing, PRC

                  Terms of enrollment

                  For convenience of accommodation arrangement and preparation of documents and representative list, you are kindly requested to fill the attendance receipt and send the same together with transfer receipt by fax or e-mail to the committee of Forum up to November 20th, 2012.

                  Person in Charge

                  Please contact: Ms. Wang Yifan 13671105879; Mr. Qiao Lei 15001166338

                                Mr. Fan Tiejun 13520389199; Mr. Bai Linlin 13683031832

                  Fax: +86 10 65256519; +86 10 65131945

                  Phone: +86 1065256519; +86 10 65133322-1493

                  E-mail: mpi@mpi1972.com



                  Attachments1. Enterprises to be invited

                  2. Attendance Receipt






                  President: Mr. Li Xinchuang


                  China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute




                  Attachment 1Enterprises to be Invited


                           1. National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC)

                           2. Ministry of Industry and Information (MII)

                           3. Ministry of Land and Resources

                           4. China Iron and Steel Association

                           5. China Association of Resource Comprehensive Utilization

                           6. Baosteel Group

                           7. Anshan Iron & Steel Group

                           8. Wuhan Iron & Steel Group

                           9. Shougang Group

                         10. Aluminum Corporation of China Limited

                         11. China Minmetals Corporation

                         12. Sinosteel Corporation 

                         13. China Railway Materials Commercial Corporation

                         14. Hebei Iron & Steel Group

                         15. Shandong Iron & Steel Group

                         16. Jiangsu Shagang Group Co. Ltd

                         17. Bohai Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         18. Benxi Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         19. Taiyuan Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         20. Maanshan Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         21. Hunan Hualing Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         22. Baotou Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         23. Anyang Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         24. China Metallurgical Group Corporation

                         25. China Machinery Engineering Corporation

                         26. Chongqing Chonggang Minerals Development Investment Limited

                         27. Dongbei Special Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         28. CITIC Pacific Special Steel Holdings 

                         29. Tangshan Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         30. Handan Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         31. Jiuquan Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         32. Panzhihua Steel Group

                         33. Jinan Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         34. Laiwu Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         35. Xinyu Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         36. Hunan Valin Xiangtan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd.

                         37. Hnan Valin Lianyuan Iron and Steel Co., Ltd

                         38. Nanjing Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         39. Chengde Steel Group Co.Ltd

                         40. Xuanhua Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         41. Tonghua Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         42. Guangxi Liuzhou Steel Group

                         43. Kunming Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         44. Tianjin Pipe (Group)Corporation

                         45. Jiangyin Xingcheng Special Steel Co. Ltd

                         46. Fujian Sangang Group Co. Ltd

                         47. Chongqing Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         48. Tianjin Rongcheng Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         49. Hubei Xinyegang Steel Co. Ltd

                         50. Beijing Jianlong Group

                         51. Shijiazhuang Steel Co. Ltd

                         52. Qingdao Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         53. Hengyang Valin Pipe Co. Ltd

                         54. Tangshan Guofeng Steel Co. Ltd

                         55. Pingxiang Steel Co. Ltd

                         56. Xingtai Steel Co. Ltd

                         57. Hebei Jinxi Steel Co. Ltd

                         58. Xinxing Jihua Group

                         59. Jiangsu Sugang Group Co. Ltd

                         60. Delong Steel Co. Ltd

                         61. Hebei Xinwuan Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         62. Hangzhou Steel Group Co. Ltd

                         63. Orient Mineral Resources Co. Ltd

                         64. Wuyang Mining Co .Ltd

                         65. GMC

                         66. Zibo Hongda Mining Industry Limited Company

                         67. Xiyang Refractory Material Company

                         68. Mining Company of Taiyuan Steel Group

                         69. Shanxi Daxigou Mining Co. Ltd

                         70. Shougang Mining Company

                         71. Overseas Resources Development and Investment Co. Ltd of WISCO

                         72. Tibet Longer Mining Co. Ltd

                         73. Zhonglilian (Hong Kong) Mining Co. Ltd

                         74. Tangshan Mining & Metallurgical Machinery Plant

                         75. Hubei Qianlong Mining Group

                         76. Xinjiang Hongtai Mining Co. Ltd

                         77. Nanshan Mining Company

                         78. Shoukuang Dachang Metallic Material Co. Ltd

                         79. Beijing International Mining Exchange

                         80. Anglo American

                         81. Atlas Iron Limited

                         82. Australian Iron&Coal Corporation

                         83. Banco de Investimentos Credit Suisse Brasil S.A.

                         84. BHP Billiton

                         85. Bloomberg News

                         86. CCIC Singapore

                         87. Centrex Metals Limited

                         88. Cliffs Natural Resources

                         89. CMC Cometals China

                         90. Commodities&Minerals Enterprise LTD

                         91. Commonwealth Bank of Australia

                         92. CRU

                         93. CSN Asia

                         94. Essar Steel Beijing Representative Office

                         95. Essel Mining & Industries Limited

                         96. Ferrous Resources do Brasil S/A

                         97. Fortescue Metals Group Ltd

                         98. Hancock Prospecting Pty Ltd

                         99. Hyundai Steel Company Beijing Office

                        100.        Itochu Shanghai Ltd

                        101.        Jefferies & Company, Inc. Shanghai Representative Office

                        102.        LKAB

                        103.        London Mining

                        104.        Macquarie Commodities Research

                        105.        Metal Bulletin and Steel First

                        106.        Platts

                        107.        POSCO

                        108.        PSONS Ltd Beijing Rep.Office

                        109.        Rio Tinto Iron Ore

                        110.        Samarco Asia Ltd.

                        111.        Singapore Exchange Limited

                        112.        Standard Bank

                        113.        Vale

                        114.        Western Australian Government Trade and Investment Office China

                        115.        Wood Mackenzie Beijing Representative Office

                        116.        World Steel Association Beijing Office

                        117.        Supplier of mining equipment

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